Order Entry

Do a lot of sales? Calltacular was built with high-volume sales usage in mind. With our dynamic Sales Flow functionality, coupled with our QA system and dynamic sales reporting, you'll experience a level of control never before possible.

What is an Order Entry System?

We use the term Order Entry as a generic term that encompasses all types of order taking or lead generation. If you are an online retailer, its usually considered a Shopping Cart. If you are an offline retailer, sometimes this is called a Point Of Sale system or Orders/Leads can be taken in a variety of ways and Calltaculars dynamic Order Entry talks seamlessly to your CRM (either ours (link) or we can fully integrate to your existing system) to create a powerful combination of flexibility and feature rich system.

The order entry system is a gateway to your CRM/customer management system. Whether you take orders online, over the phone or in person. Whether you accept credit cards, checks/echecks, cash or other forms of payment, our system will automate the process with the ability to integrate to your other core systems (or you can use ours). Our order entry allows you to capture and send this sales information directly to your Customer Resource Management system.

  • Flexibility - We will integrate to any off the shelf, or internal system you need us to. Our software works on any Internet capable devise (phones, tablets, computers). We can integrate to any system (CRM, Inventory, Financial and others), or you can just use ours!

  • Customization - Our software allows you to create a sales flow (link) that is tailored to your situation. Do you want to offer additional products after the sale? Do you want to offer different products based on payment type or customer type? We have accounted for that.

  • Standardization - Consistency is the foundation of any business. Our systems ensure that your Sales Agents or Systems do the same thing each and every time. This will allow you to track and measure your variables.

  • Innovation - When you know your baseline Key Performance Indicators, it allows you to test new variables allowing you to stay ahead of your competition. Sure sticking to what you know and what works is important. However, being flexible to change with the times will allow your business to maintain its edge over your competitors.