Cloud Dialer

Calltacular is completely web-based. All you need to get started is a browser and a mic. With Calltacular, you can access your Call Center from anywhere in the world, on any modern web-enabled device.

What is a Business Telephone System?

At the core of any business is communication. Communication both internally and externally is essential for growth and prosperity. Our hosted PBX, ACD, Dialer will allow you the flexibility to contact anyone, anywhere, at any time. Our systems give you the ability to act like a fortune 500 company even though you might not be oneā€¦.YET. Working directly with your other systems, we can integrate to provide a solution that is cost effective and tailored to your exact needs.

  • Customization - With our telephony system, you are able to allow certain people get certain inbound calls, or leads generated. You are able to pull numbers and customize your own call flow with recordings in a matter of minutes.

  • Standardization - Because our telephony system paired with our CRM, you are able to track each and every interaction with customers or prospects. Our centralized reporting will allow you to analyze how many times you need to contact a customer before they are ready to buy.

  • Flexibility - Do you have 5 employees, or 500 employees? Do you use hard phones, or soft phones? Do you use an IVR? Do you need local and international numbers? Our software allows you to pull, set up and start taking calls with your new phone numbers in a matter of minutes. We give you the ability to make your call flows as simple or complex as you need. Always make sure the right people are taking the right calls. Our hosted PBX and ACD will ensure that your customers/prospects are always talking to the people with the proper skills.

  • Innovation - Track all prospects and sales back to an agent. Use our dynamic reporting to get a real cost analysis on each campaign. Our campaign share allows you to share the right information with the right people. Whether its internal or external, make sure those that need to know, have the right information.


Calltacular comes with a fully function dialer. With options like Manual, Preview, Ratio and Predictive, Calltacular can handle your needs.

Completely cloud based. Use our servers

All your data is safe. No more headaches and high IT bills. Access your info at Calltacular.com

Highly Customizable Dialer Settings

Tweak your dialer just how you want it, or set it on auto-pilot and let our analytics guide you.

Dialer reports on top of Sales reports

Coupling Order Entry and Dialer will make for a wonderland of valuable reporting.

Highly portable across platforms

Calltacular is completely web-based. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux and even Chrome OS.

Calltacular is on the bleeding edge

With Calltacular, you can rest assured knowing you're using the latest and gratest.

Don't worry, we got this on lock down

Our systems are safe and secure and we back up our data many times throughout the day.