The best part of having an all-in-one solution is reporting. Suddenly, reports that would have required you to copy and paste from multiple systems can be seen and analyzed in fraction of a second.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Resource Management. Basically, the CRM manages all your current, prospective and future customers. Our CRM allows you to organize, automate and synchronize your sales, marketing, technical and customer support.

The CRM is the “core/brains” of any business. It tracks what your customers have purchased, when they purchased them. It records any contact you have made with the customer, or the customer has made with you. It will keep track of any prospects in a sales pipeline and what stage of the sales process they are in. It will report on product, campaign and customer revenues. It will track where your customers have come from. It will measure the value of each entity both in the short term (for cash flow projections) and long term (for bottom line profits).

  • Flexibility - Any Internet capable device, any operation system, anytime. Do you generate leads or sell goods and services? Do you bill your customers one time or on a recurring basis? Do you issue coupons? Do you have set automated interactions with your customers, or prospects? We have all of this in one place. We also provide the ability to integrate with any off the shelf or internal system that you have to give you a central location for all of your information.

  • Customization - We understand that each business is different. Our software is able to be customized to fit your exact needs. Our system is designed to be cost effective and useful to you regardless if you make 10 sales a month or 1 million sales each month. Regardless of size you will have the same ability and tools to run your business.

  • Standardization - What is a customer worth to you? How do leads/customers behave when coming in from different sales channels? What type of communication do your customers or prospects like to use (phone, email, face to face appointments). The information derived from our CRM reporting will allow you to maximize your customer base.

  • Innovation - The ability to have all your reporting under one roof gives you an advantage over your competitors. Using our CRM with our Dialer, Order Entry and Lead Management systems allows you to have more information than any other CRM on the market. The ability for our CRM to sync with your existing systems outside of Calltacular will give you this same information.